Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rapunzel, Revised & Reappropriated

Rapunzel, Revised & Reappropriated

Rapunzel was sick of being locked away
at the top of a witch's stone tower.
She was tired of tripping over hair
when she dragged it across the dusty floor.
She didn't want to wait for some prince to come
and tug on her hair to carry her away to safety.
Her hair dangled and swayed, the ends falling down
to what she noticed was a loose floorboard.
And under that floorboard she found
a machete from the witch's safari days.
Rapunzel thought of trees and vines that encompassed her
and monkeys who never came to her rescue
As she sliced the machete through the top of her long, neat braid.
She felt relief as she climbed her hair down the side of the tower.
She thought of a carefree Tarzan swinging through the jungle on a vine.
Three hours later, the prince cantered by on a pearlescent steed.
He shouted to Rapunzel's window as he climbed up her hair,
making excuses about traffic and how he had a horrible day at work.
He climbed atop the windowsill and all he found
of Rapunzel was the long, silken braid tied to a bedpost.
The rest of her was trekking through
the forest with a machete in her teeth.

Truisms/Six words:

Grass is the umbilical cord connecting my bare feet to the Earth.
Buy yourself a better personality.
Throw me around like a ragdoll
Nothing for me today, huh sir?
Whale blubber makes you smell good.
Fish scales make your lips pretty.
Can't bring myself to leave it.
Lost my voice; found it again.
Arrogant men are like erections; they make a mess all over the place if you don't keep them under control.
Blueprint was beautiful but structurally unsound/a beautiful blueprint but structurally unsound.
Summer: short hair again, tank tops.
Good jeans. Warm soil, cool grass.
Yoga's the answer in many situations.
'Says I look determined when angry.
Not letting myself get distracted, anymore.


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