Thursday, March 12, 2009

one word, mashuq

Mashuq. It means sweetheart in sanscrit. So soft, that sound, that meaning. I found it in a poem about love. To everyone, to everything. To every moment and every softness one invocation, one soft nurturing word. One emotion - sweetheart, sweetheart, sweetheart. To the trees outside my window~mashuq. To the rock on the ledge~mashuq. To your foot, my foot. Mashuq. To the pitcher full of water. To the last dying breath of a snail. Mashuq. You are all my loves. Sweet and free and pure. I love you. You are all perfect. Transcend duality, transcend hate, transcend right, transcend wrong, transcend perfection, objection, salvation. Mashuq. Sweetheart. To me this word was the representation of love, the manifestation of acceptance, tolerance, joy. It takes strength, it takes courage to open your heart so wide, to use your third eye and the nadi of truth. But that, to me, was what it was, it was mashuq, it was truth.


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