Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the boobgene

I hate having big boobs. One girl, in my 6th period class, has little A-cup breasts and I envy her for it. She claims she has to bra shop as much as me, but doesn't have to go with full coverage instead of demi and doesn't have to sacrifice color for support. As my sister put it, my mom's good at passing down the boobgene.
A lot of girls want big boobs, it seems really stupid to me. Thanks to the girls, I can't wear button up tops without a hole gaping and fighting to hold onto the fabric. Or V-necks, that plunge and get caught into my trombone.


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  1. The boobgene, I like that term...and you've written a really thoughtful post about breast size that women of all ages would do well to read.