Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hi there-

Thanks for checkin' out our blog. We are the Grrls, art activists in Tucson AZ.

We are young women and female-identified individuals, age 14-18. We are participating in Kore Press' Grrls Literary Activism Project to write, find our writer's voice, read out loud, work with video, and creatively present the words and ideas to the public in an "art action."

This Spring 2009 we will be focusing on Media Literacy and how women are represented in all forms of the media. The directions and ideas and thoughts and projects in this realm are totally open to all ambitions and personal desires. We have this workshop as a resource to learn, to talk, to brainstorm, then to produce and take action. There are about 15 of us this Spring. We see our writing and art placed in the community as a form of social activism.

We (the grrls) will be utilizing this blog to post our writings, photos, video, and other art during our time in the Spring 2009 workshop. Most of the stuff we post will probably be somewhere along the revision process, or it might be just the way we like it. Whatever it is, we want the community to have a place to check up on our work in the coming weeks. Please feel free to comment with positive feedback, constructive criticism, and/or inspired reactions.

Film-maker Jamie Lee and author Kimi Eisele are the kick-ass ladies facilitating our workshop this Spring.
Jamie Lee is a producing member at Pan Left (www.panleft.org) and runs visionaries filmworks. You can see her creative work at: www.visionariesfilmworks.com
And you can check out Kimi Eisele's creative work here: www.invisiblecityproject.wordpress.com and this: www.traingrrl.blogspot.com
Brooke is our workshop assistant and friend--she helps us get stuff together. She's graduating in May with a BA in Creative Writing and minors in Women's Studies and Spanish from the UA.

Kore Press is a non-profit in Tucson, AZ that has been publishing women writers for over 15 years, co-founded by publisher Lisa Bowden. Here's the grrls' spot on their website: http://korepress.org/Grrrls.htm

We hope you bookmarked our blog! Thanks for readin'!

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  1. What a terrific idea! I'm a friend of Brooke's and I've bookmarked your blog and I'll be back regularly, to read what you write! Welcome!