Thursday, February 19, 2009

words to the public

I would prefer most of my words to be public. Why would I write if I didn't want someone to read the words? I write what I feel, sure, and that can be a total mess but the words are meant to be analyzed. How can I grow otherwise? I write to inspire and anger, sometimes to prove a point that makes people hate me. I guess I have too much pride. Not concerning my writing, God knows I'll constantly need improvement, but in my ideas. I know what I want, how I want it, and screw anyone else. I suppose I'm a jerk in that sense.
I wish people around the world could read what I write. Not because I think stuff's amazing, but because I put myself into my words. It all boils down to what I want.
And I don't want to be behind a camera letting something else prove my point. I want to be on stage, any stage, saying it loud and proud.
I like it when people are quiet when I talk, I've noticed my English class is, but at the same time it makes me feel awkward.
'Do I sound stupid?' I wonder. 'Or is it something else I can't place because I'm so socially inept?' (Am I socially inept? That's a question for another day.)

Every living being is an extremist.

The body never matches the mind.

The whole spectrum is a rainbow of gray.


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  1. We hear ya! :) Love the post. I look forward to another.